We have been holding All Pro Dad breakfasts at Callahan Elementary for 7 years. My son , Alex and attended the third one, and soon after that I became the chapter spokesperson. Alex is now in 7th grade, and he still comes with me. I haven't been able to persuade him to get up and speak yet, but I hope he will someday. The chapter has 4 dedicated teachers who make every breakfast fun and welcoming, and we usually have around 40 dads and grandfathers bring their children. It is always a joy to see that many dads in our small community who really care. My wife and daughter come occasionally to help serve breakfast. We also conduct a robotics and technology after-school workshop 3 days a week in my shop. That is my passion, to get kids excited about learning and inspiring them to dream. Thank you for all you do at All Pro Dad. You have help all of us at Callahan Elementary School make a positive impact on our community.

- Doug, Team Captain - Callahan Elementary School, Callahan, FL -